We are the official number-crunching web site that is dedicated to everything lottery.  If you want to know how often a number has resulted, or which combination of numbers have been drawn, or the sequential results of the numbers, or if you want to know all the statistical details to our analysis, then this is the site for you.

We know that it is impossible to predict which numbers will be drawn, but we are providing you with another method to choosing your numbers. Many people choose their numbers according to certain dates (birth, graduation, the day you met the love of your life  or the day you got divorced). Others choose their numbers per an address or a phone number.

How you choose your numbers is your business. Our business is to provide you a statistical analysis based on the past results and look at the probabilities of the lottery numbers. We want to win the lottery and know that you want the same.

You are always welcome to our information because we do not charge for it, but we do request that you support us in keeping the site up and running.

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